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How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Skunks

Fort Worth skunks can be quite annoying. However, you may not want to kill them, instead, you would want to trap them and release them into the wild. One way of doing so is by using a one way exclusion door or a one way exclusion funnel.

One way doors are quite a great way to get Texas skunks or even other wildlife out of a house or a building. However, you should know that this technique will not necessarily provide a permanent solution to your skunk problem as new skunks can quickly move in to replace the old ones which you got rid of. If there are skunks under your porch or under your house, there is probably a Fort Worth skunk den there with maybe a litter of kits. If skunks are causing all kind of trouble, then excluding them will not prevent others from causing these problems. However, you can always try this technique to get rid of existing skunks.

On way doors are mounted directly on a house or building. They are mounted right over the hole skunks are using to enter the house and exit it. The device will have flanges or wings on one end so that the trap is mounted to the building. It will also have a torsion spring repeating one way door leading into the cage. This kind of setup is the best way to target specific Texas skunks and remove them, instead of traps which can catch non target or incidental animals.

To set the one way exclusion door, you will have to find the hole that the Fort Worth skunks are using to get into the house and out of it first. If you find several holes, then you will have to seal up all but one hole, preferably the most popularly used one. The seals up should be done using steel screening so that Texas skunks will not be able to chew through them. Use the one way door setups on secure homes so that skunks will not get out of them and then get back in through another hole. Remember that you can also use a one way exclusion funnel, and the same instructions would apply to a funnel. However, funnels must be extremely precise so that the animals can get out without being able to get back in again. If the hole is too big, then the Fort Worth skunks will be able to re-enter, and if it is too small, then they will not be able to get out. When using a funnel, always be precise.

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